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There is nothing like it nor anything anywhere close to the reviving calm you experience while at the camp. The simplicity, yet generous attitude of the local people makes you desire to make home among them. They easily welcome and showcase to you their prided heritage and traditions. It was every bit worth our time and value of money spent on the holiday package to Varawal. We are so grateful and forever thankful for this amazing holiday option discovery.

John Doe, Head Chef

It was a great eye opener and fun for my family especially as we only knew Rajasthan is synonymous with palaces and deserts. This is was a perfectly organized and enjoyable wildlife getaway.

Ricardo Goff, Lawyer

I couldn’t stop marveling at the way the village women dressed in colorful tunics, the attractively matched traditional jewellery and accompanying dress pieces, the wholesome dinner by the river, the festival observances and then sighting the majestic strides of the leopards in their natural habitats. It felt like a complete and wholesome package. It’s worth the time and I look forward to come again with my family.

Jennifer Dawn, Dentist

I get drawn to unusual or uncommon yet remarkably unique travel destinations. Having been to India before I could assume I knew it all. Varawal is a hidden treasure in Rajasthan famously known for its Maharajahs, forts and palaces. The cultural treasure and uniqueness of planning the trip mesmerized no end. And I fell in love with the simplicity of the village folks, their undying traditions and the majesty of wildlife on offer here.

Paul Smith, Doctor

Aravali hills have never looked better yet the striking Varawal leopards compel you to watch them in awe and fascination. Simply Incredible!!

Alan Christier, Accountant

Varawal camp is filled with fascinating geography, the Aravali hills, the extending plans, the pleasant birds, crocodiles and cultural magnet of the tribal people. This just left us spellbound with the treasure of rich history and heritage. And to top it up the overwhelming dinner by the river was like a revisit of our first honeymoon. The view was fantastic and courtesy welcoming. My husband and I plan a later return to see these wonderful places in all India trip soon. It was magnificent!! Thanks for the great hospitality!!

Joan Coal, Sales Manager

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