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Leopard Sighting Safari

Enjoy the nonstop curiosity and abiding feeling of being on a guided leopard sighting safari that enriches your mind with its visual terrain richness as well as gets you absorbed and lost in the majestically attractive leopards on the safari. There is a passionate feeling of experiencing this magnificent safari that is not easily possible or available anywhere else in the country.

Aravali Hills and Nature Sight Seeing Treks and Walks


Take in the objective sights and richness of the natural diversity of Aravali hills and plains, natural rivers, sandy soils and other rustically appealing nature given attractions. This part of Rajasthan state is endowed with a balanced mix of rocks, hills, rivers, natural greenery at a distance especially in monsoons that dramatically transforms the landscape.

Catching Sight and Watching Migratory Birds

Migratory birds including Siberian cranes, Sarus cranes, Demmossile, Barheaded Geese, Spotbill Duck, Comb Duck, Common Eastern Crane among others travel long distances as far as East Asia especially in the winter seasons for nesting and breeding. This provides a rare opportunity for ornithologists and ardent bird watchers to study their feeding traits, behavioral patterns and common features. It is a pleasant season for the birds and other animals to breed and nest too.

Engage and Learn with Local People on Tribal Trail

Meeting and experiencing first-hand the local tribal population is an eye opening life encounter. The modest living environment, their rich cultural heritage, the simplicity of their courtesy is touching and educates even the most seasoned traveler. They are an amiably welcoming people with enthusiastic dances and festivals.

Ample Jungle Trek and Adventure

Catching up with the other traditional animal attractions adds diversity in the wholesome activities at Varawal Leopard Camp. With pleasant greenery after monsoon seasons there is high chance to see wild animals like; wild boars, foxes, hyenas, porcupines, leopards, wild cats, mongoose among others are easily seen. The jungles too have a multiplicity of fragrant plants for a truly evolved jungle adventure.

Varawal Leopard Camp Theme Dinners

There is always a need to entertain the esteemed camp guests in the best traditions of the local place. And with that there are arrangements for an elaborately scenic dinner overlooking the gentle flow of the Jawai river for truly unforgettable moments. This is one activity guests always cherish with undying thanks and good photo ops for memory.

Learning from a Bigger Village Safari

Unlike the tribal trail, village safari is a lovely and deeper delve or encounter firsthand with what makes the whole of the village particularly unique or special. Their manner of work (what nature of work they carry on a daily basis, traditional dwellings, dances like Gher or Rabari and festivities, chance tribal wedding culture and many facets about the local population. This is elaborate and accomplished tour into the hearts and nature of life of the local people.

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