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Varawal Leopard Camp

Varawal Leopard Camp is a traditional rural community tourist camp located at Bera just in the midst of the Aravali Hills on the fringes and periphery of a smoothly flowing Jawai river, Pali district of Rajasthan state. This gives Varawal leopard camp magnificent views and scenery as it is bordered by the calm whirl of Jawai river providing fresh sanctuary for crocodiles, refreshing water for rare migratory birds in the winter season, enhanced sights and a calm influence on the camp. However, the biggest draw at Varawal leopard camp is the leopard safari interspersed with other equally unique traditional attractions like experiencing rural and tribal way of life, seeing rare species of migratory birds, scenic trekking locations in the Aravali hills (India’s longest range of undulating fold mountains), enjoying the cool mountain breezes, close one-on-one interactions with the village folk and a host of other exciting adventure driven encounters. There is always something uniquely attractive to excite the keen adventurer.

What stands out in Varawal leopard camp at Bera, Pali district though, is the leopard safari which is modeled around the villages 40-50 estimated leopard population. Yet, the special and comfortable Swiss cottage tenting accommodation is an experience by itself providing the best comforts in the middle of desert country, reassuring beauty of Aravali hills in the back ground, calm breezes sweep by leaving you feeling better with improved mental state relaxing your mind and body, treasured experience and expertise of welcoming camp staff, meeting with good natured locals at every other stop and breathing pristine air in Bera the ‘land of leopards’ seems like heaven on earth. The traditional warm greetings of welcome with folded hands and above all the richness of their traditional courtesy. On a backdrop of a craggy and jagged hilly terrain of the Aravali hills, you enter into an overwhelming presence of beauty so rare to sight or see anywhere else in the world except at Varawal leopard camp.

It is unique, awestruck inspiring and above all leaves you with an inspired yearning or desire to keep coming back to this pristine village getaway and hidden wildlife preserve at Varawal Leopard camp.

With that travelers can be the part of activities like :



Migratory Birds the variety of birds attracts you towards their elegancy, this place is also beautified with lots of Saibrain birds, crane which comes with great congregation.

Wild Life to capture number of crocodiles at Jawai Dam constructed on Jawai River, with that the glimpse of many other wild cats,nigay,deer,hyena in the nearby surrounded areas.
Site seeing where adventure comes within when we talk about the trek at Aravali hills.

The Range which is carved naturally flaunting its beauty.

Village Safari (On Demand) A traditional experience to sense the root, their routine life,their happy occasions,the warmth of their traditions and tribal troops living ways and different dance forms of expressing their uniqueness.

Wanderers will rejuvenate the tired urban souls from the hustle-bustle of city life and will have an unforgettable experience of actual wild life safari without any restrictions.

“An experience to live the core of the traditions with the senses of wild echo”

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